Attend networking events outside of your area of expertise. You never know what kind of business might pique your interest.

Mark Arnoldy shares his advice on finding a problem in the world that you can solve.

Start a conversation rather than just asking for help. If you send an email to an old boss or colleague, don’t forget to ask them how their own business endeavors are going. Keep it genuine and natural.

Meg Gill shares her advice on following your passion. 

Listen more than you speak - at a networking event, try to get to know the person you’re talking to rather than jumping into your business idea or work history.

Get Kane’s advice for new graduates on getting the most out of your career and life. 

Take advantage of all the sections of your LinkedIn profile - fill out every portion that you can. And take extra care with your headline - when recruiters are performing searches, that’s the first thing they’ll see.